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Here’s how it works

Initial consultation

We will explore any issues you would like to address and any relevant background. Although best done in person, there are some circumstances in which it may be appropriate for your initial consultation to be done via Skype. This can be arranged in advance.

Initial consultations usually take one session but at times may require more.

Further sessions

If appropriate, we will agree on a regular time slot. This will usually be weekly, but some people prefer less frequent or ad hoc sessions.

We will discuss how many sessions you will likely benefit from during your initial consultation and regularly review, adjusting the plan as necessary.

Further sessions can be in person, via Skype, or a combination of both. This will be agreed when each appointment is booked.

Short-term therapy

Talking therapies are commonly offered in blocks of 6 to 8 sessions. Many people find that they require more or fewer sessions, or even just a one-off appointment.

We will set objectives and regularly review progress, with ad hoc follow-ups available after your course of sessions.

Long-term therapy

We may identify the need for a more exploratory approach over a longer period, perhaps during the initial consultation or a subsequent session.

If longer-term therapy is appropriate, we will discuss likely timescales/number of sessions and review progress regularly.

Can I stop or take a break from therapy?

Many people will feel better after just one or two sessions. (This is good news!) Whatever your reason, you are free to stop or take a break from therapy at any time. Of course, it is best to discuss this during the initial consultation or during a session, but email is also okay.

(If you have any existing appointments booked when you stop or break from therapy, they will be subject to the usual fees/charges)

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